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Casey Hammer

Casey Hammer Casey has performed with Unifire for many year and is also an accomplished artist.  See her incredible work here.

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'In the Desert' by Stephen Crane

'In the Desert' by Stephen Crane: "

Stephen Crane

In the Desert

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
Who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, 'Is it good, friend?'
'It is bitter – bitter', he answered,
'But I like it
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart.'"

Get on the Bus! ~ LaZoom Tours: Asheville Rolling Theater!



Eartha, a friend of mine from B'ham has her won blog with lots of interesting tidbits and local happenings.


Not my friend-Joseph Leiberman

Here is a great article on how bloggers are influencing elections. Old Joe leiberman (a democrat who has supported the war and got caught in a compromising position with the one who must not be named) is loseing to a young antiwar upstart by the name of Lamont. Does not bode well for other war mongers who populate the Republican Party, Let the heads roll. Roll on out of power, I say. It is time to take back our Government from the elite! Liberal bloggers come to the fore - The Boston Globe


Firecracker Jazz Band - Asheville's Explosively Hot Jazz!



MODERN GYPSIES-this is the blog for Michael Saab and the modern gypsies.


The Cisco Playboys

The Cisco Playboys-This is John Corbins other band that plays Western Swing. If you don't know what Western Swing is click here and give a listen. Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaa.

Home of Jen and the Juice

Home of Jen and the Juice-Jenny Greer is awesome friend who play a lot at the parties. Her music has been described as Jazz Folk. Her lyrics are genious, harsh and sublime. Check the website to hear some of her music.


Daniel's (not me) site

This is the site of Daniel who is a current resident of the Pirate Cove. Daniel does multimedia graphic design. He makes movies that are pure eye candy, Check his site as it is very impressive. Bricolodge Media


Promoting Musicians

index This is my friend Sage's site for musicians to promote themselves. You can also go here to find new music and a lot of other things. Check it out.


Asheville Circus School

Asheville Circus School-This is the site for the Asheville Circus School. Check out a schedule and take some clown classes. Operated by my friends Moksha and Jaclyn.

bucky sinister: home

bucky sinister: home A former roomate of mine, Bucky is now an infamous poet of the San Faran poetry scene. Check his site read some poetry and order one of his books.

Asheville Music - One Leg Up - Jazz Musicians honoring Django Reinhardt

Asheville Music - One Leg Up - Jazz Musicians honoring Django Reinhardt This is the Gypsy Jazz Band of two former Pirates in the cove, Jim Tanner, and Jon Stineman. They also happen to be two of the finest guitar players around. Their first CD was recorded in the living room of the Pirate House.
Asheville Fire - My tribe for all the fire freaks in Asheville. Check it out for the latest fire happenings around town, then join up.
David's Page- Dave is one of my oldest and dearest friends out of Montgomery, Al. He is now a professional photographer. Check his blog here.
Home of POI and Fire twirling. A great site for all of your fire spinning needs. Includes online lessons.


Modern Gypsies -- Circus . Variety . Sideshow-This is the guy who got me started doing fire. He runs a circus sidesho out of New York and has been seen on David Letterman and blind date freaks and weirdos. Absolutely one of my favorite freaks!
earthablog This is the blog of my friend Eartha who lives in B'ham, AL. Eartha is awesome and so is her blog.


mcdspot. This is my friends McDowell's blog. He updates almost daily and everday he finds something interesting, unusual, quirky, weird or controversial. Check it out and become an addict like me.
Blogs-Adam is a former Pirate of Cowan Cove who now lives in St. Augustine. Check Adam and Nicole's blog here.
TheRibTips >> Home Jon Corbin is a current Pirate here at the cove and this is the web site for one of his bands called the rib tips. John descibes thier style of music as eclectica but I say it is more like Tom Waites on vacation in the mountains while on crack. John is the guitar player.
Welcome to Unifire This is the fire and dance troupe I am in. Click on the videos section and the photo gallery for some up close fire in your face.
Adam Wilson-Adam is a good friend from B'ham who I lived with for a month or so. He is newspaper guy and now works in Springfield close to where the Simpsons are. You can usually find him at Mo's Tavern on a friday afternoon. This is his blog.